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Intellectual Property Creation Program with Renée Hasseldine

Are you struggling to explain exactly what you do? Clearly and succinctly?


It’s time you created your IP ASSETS to attract, convert and completely WOW high quality clients OVER and OVER again!

What are IP Assets?

Great question! IP stands for Intellectual Property. So when I’m talking about creating your IP Assets, I’m talking about creating your signature system, your unique methodology, your frameworks and models. And of course, turning them into infographics, or what I like to call SEXY MODELS!

I get so excited by these sexy models, I call them business porn!

Check out some of the benefits:


  • Create valuable content efficiently
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Earn instant credibility


  • Clarity and confidence
  • Tangible value
  • Higher conversion rates


  • Create products such as books, courses & slide decks faster than ever
  • Deliver 1:many products with ease
  • You team can easily deliver products on your behalf

Raving Fans:

  • You customers will have the clarity they need
  • Your customers will have a clear roadmap
  • Deliver more consistent proven results


  • Your work will have ripple effects beyond what you could ever achieve when all the expertise is locked in your head

Attract, Convert and Completely WOW High Quality Clients OVER and OVER Again!

Join us in Melbourne for the next round of Authority Accelerator on 27th & 28th March 2018


You’re a high-achiever who loves to make stuff happen…

And you’re bloody good at what you do.

The trouble is, when someone asks you what you do, it’s not a simple answer. It’s not like you can say “I’m a doctor” and people immediately get it. You don’t have a job title that people can easily understand. So it feels like a constant struggle to clearly and succinctly explain what it is that you do.

In fact, you know SO MUCH stuff that when you’re explaining what you do, the value of it gets completely lost as you fumble through your words.

Or when you’re working with clients, you have so much information to share with them, they can get lost in the details and not really know how it all fits together.

And when it comes to the sales conversation, you feel like you have to sell yourself. That it’s all about YOU.

And if you’ll admit it to yourself, you’ll know that you’re just not reaching your full potential, because you just don’t have the core intellectual property assets to back it up.

Inspire | Communicate | Educate | Sell

Think of me like your IP extraction nerd. The person who thinks creating this stuff is like business porn. Seriously… I do get rather excited about all this. But for very good reason.

When you have your own suite of IP Assets (infographics), you can:

  • Inspire your clients to take action
  • Communicate clearly and succinctly so people just get it
  • Educate your clients simply and powerfully
  • Demonstrate your value and credibility. It’s so much easier to sell a proven system than it is to sell yourself!

I see you. You’re ready to stop playing small. You’re ready to make the impact you were put here to make. You’re ready to create a unique methodology that you become famous for.

You’re ready to Leverage Your Legacy.

A picture tells a thousand words.

What you need is a clear model that shows your clients the journey from where they start out, to where they end up. You need a clear methodology that shows your clients the exact process to get them from where they are to where they want to be. And you need some damn sexy infographics that can communicate all this clearly and succinctly.

How cool would it be if you had business models to communicate your message clearly and succinctly in a way that people just get?

Are you ready?

I see you.

You’re ready to stop playing small.

You’re ready to make the impact you were put here to make.

You’re ready to create a unique methodology that you become famous for.

You’re ready to Create & Leverage Your Legacy.

So come along and create your business porn!

Learn how some sexy models can totally transform your business and ensure you reach your potential as a thought leader.

Share Your Passion

Authority Accelerator 

In this program, I hold your hand and guide you through the process to extract your expertise and best thinking and turn it into a suite of infographics that will add weight and credibility to your messaging, help you to communicate better with your clients and give you the building blocks upon which to build your business as you transition towards being Leveraged and Loving It.

Think of this program as procrastination-busting action. With easy-as-pie steps and a crystal clear structure, you’ll feel completely secure that you’re doing the right things, in the right order. I really make the whole thing a no-brainer.

This is NOT a program where I pile a tonne of information on top of your overflowing mind. I mean, seriously… you have google. The last thing you need is more information! This program is all about implementation.

We’re together in the same room as I take you step-by-step through the process, extracting YOUR expertise and working on YOUR methodology and models.

You’ll have accountability, motivation to complete, engagement and fun. Plus you’ll be in a room of like-minded coaches, experts and thought leaders who bring the power of the #brainstrust to the room and want to see you succeed!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Your Value Model – great for content marketing and pitching
  • Your Core Methodology – you can leverage your whole product funnel from this. It’s seriously powerful.
  • Models within each module of your methodology
  • All of the above turned into sexy infographics by my team after the event
  • Save time, energy and money by avoiding thousands of hours down ‘what should I do, and how, and in what order?’ endless rabbit holes of doooom
  • Work smarter not harder using a PROVEN step-by-step system to extract what you know and turn it into pictures
  • Get ultimate clarity and confidence to move forward (no more second-guessing or going round in circles)
  • Be held accountable from a tribe of fellow action-takers to make sure you get it done, and done RIGHT (this is the secret sauce that keeps you motivated when things seem tough)
  • Connect with other like-minded coaches, experts and thought leaders, their referral networks and their AWESOME BRAIN POWER (to smash all those niggling questions and random roadblocks)

Meet Renee Hasseldine

Hi I’m Renée Hasseldine, and I am the founder of Share Your Passion, author of “Share Your Passion”, host of the “Leveraged and Loving It” podcast, co-host of “The Business Playroom” TV show, and regular contributor to Smallville and the Huffington Post.

I love working with experts, coaches, authors, speakers and thought leaders to create their signature systems and their eco-system of products. I cut through the overwhelm and chaos to extract and chunk what coaches KNOW into something they become KNOWN for.

I’ve been working with super smart entrepreneurs and thought leaders, developing their courses, programs, products and businesses since 1999, building the foundations for their million dollar plus businesses.

But it’s about so much more than the money. It’s about expanding the reach of the powerful work you do without compromising your standards. It’s about creating your legacy.

I know what it takes to extract what it in your head and turn it into something awesome. And I know what it takes to do it efficiently, effectively and enjoyably, so that you have engaged and enthusiastic clients who love your work and think you are an absolute super star. Because you are!


(let’s get serious for a minute)

I’m not some flashy Rolex wearing, yacht hopping coach who promises the world and fails to deliver. I stand by my results – which are YOUR results. That being said, I’m really selective about who I choose to work with. Because I don’t want your money (although that part is nice – hey a girl’s gotta eat)… I want you to succeed.

And unless you’re in a position to get RESULTS through this workshop, I’m not going to take your money. But if you ARE ready… let’s DO THIS!

This program is for you if you:

  • Have proven results and experience
  • Really know your stuff – you’re awesome at what you do
  • Are fully committed to taking ACTION to get things DONE
  • Will support others at the workshop to succeed and contribute to a #brainstrust environment on the day

This program is NOT for you if you’re:

  • All about the money and looking for a get rich quick scheme – this is about building solid foundations for your business… it’s work, not a magic bullet.
  • Not committed to keeping up with the fast-paced and intensive nature of the workshop (I don’t want you to get left behind)
  • How shall I say this? If you’re of the opinion that you know best and won’t play nice with others. There, that’s a nice way of putting it (I think)
  • Living in a scarcity mindset.

Join us in Melbourne for the next round of Authority Accelerator on 27th & 28th March 2018