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I’m showing you how to pull together those four models that you’ve created and turn them into a pitch script or a pitch deck.

What is a PITCH DECK?

Well, you can take your four models, those four sexy models that we’ve talked about in previous videos:

  • Success model
  • Educate model
  • Excite model
  • Yes models.

You can take those four models and present them in a particular order, in a sales conversation, a speaking gig, you can expand that into workshops, you can write your book based on this order. I’m going to share with you the order to present them in so that they actually tell a story.

We call this the pitch script.

The Pitch Script:

So as I said, you’ve got your four models, your success model, your educate model, your excite, and your yes model. Your four models are ready to go. So how do we use those to turn them into a pitch or a speaking gig or a book or a course? This is how it goes.

We start off by saying, “This is the journey of our,” and then you insert the name of your ideal client. So say your ideal client is someone who wants to be a go-to expert. “This is the journey of someone who wants to be a go-to expert.” And then you insert your excite model, which shows the journey.

“And these are the keys you need to master if you want to achieve success,” and then you insert your success model.

“And this is how you do it.” Insert your educate model.

“And when you do it like this, these are the amazing benefits that you get.” Insert yes model.

It’s that simple 

That’s it, really. It’s that simple. You can take those four models and turn it into so many different things just by presenting them in that order and telling that story.

How cool is that? You don’t even need to take your models with you in a Powerpoint on a USB stick. Get to know your models inside-out, back-to-front, so that on the back of a napkin, while you’re having coffee, you can draw those models in that order and talk through them.

If you get to a venue when you’re running a workshop and your slides just die or the tech doesn’t hook up and something doesn’t work, screen’s not working, no projector, whatever it is, grab a white board. Grab a piece of paper. You can just draw your models and talk through those and you have the confidence of knowing you can always fall back on your four key models, no matter what.

So get to know your models inside-out and back-to-front. Learn to present them in this order and tell a story, and you will never be short on content.

renee-b&W webRenée Hasseldine works with coaches, experts & thought leaders to turn what is in their brilliant minds into powerful signature systems using visual models. Her knack for extracting and unpacking thoughts and turning them into unique intellectual property is sheer genius.

Renée is the author of the best-selling book ‘Share Your Passion’, she is the host of the ‘Leveraged and Loving It’ podcast and a panel member on The Business Playroom TV.