Fast track your journey to the top


You bring your expertise, we’ll create your Signature System


Sound familiar?

* You’ve been in business for ages but communicating what you do still leaves you waffling & tongue tied

* You want to consolidate & streamline years of knowledge to show you’re the perfect choice, without price haggling or objections

* You’ve tried everything to cut through the noise and let your expertise shine, but your ideal clients don’t know you exist

* You need to train team members in your processes but their eyes glaze over or they nod blankly, scribbling furious notes that don’t mean anything

* You’re been winging your webinars, events & content, but keep going off-track and know it’s costing you big time

 You need a Signature System, stat!

If you’ve attended one of my Half-Day Workshops, you’ve seen the immense growth that flows immediately from having a Signature System.

You saw how 4 strategic models can revolutionize your entire sales process (hello steady stream of YES!), provide 365 days worth of content in minutes, become the basis for a best-selling book (write a book in a weekend!), and expand your reach (interviews, magazines, podcasts, there are no limits).

Perhaps you even sketched out a model when you got home…

But then life happened and despite your best intentions and all the ideas whizzing through your head, your Signature System never appeared. It simply became MORE knowledge stuck in your head.

And no matter how much you try to bump it back up the priority list, you simply don’t have the time or clarity (or maybe the design talent)! 

This is why I created the Authority Accelerator.

Over this program (comprised of 3 sessions with me), we’ll collaborate to extract all that glorious knowledge, draft & test your Signature System to make sure it resonates with your ideal client and is exactly what you need, then our professional designers will deliver your completed system – ready to go. 

This is your chance to finally get your Signature System off the to-do list and put it to work!




Take a shortcut to the top of the ladder

with the Authority Accelerator

You know what separates business newbies from those who are making an Impact?

Not grit.

Or hustle.

Or even a sweet sugar daddy (or mumma) on the side!

It’s not even intelligence.

It’s having the KEYS to success.



In the Authority Accelerator, you walk away with Clarity & Focus, your Signature System fully CREATED (with plenty of supporting design assets) and your Products mapped out.


 In order to create the highest quality Signature System using visual models, you need:

The Authority Accelerator gets results you can see

More success stories


How the program works


The first stage of the Authority Accelerator program involves getting clear on your:

1. Zone of Genius

2. Ideal Client

3. Why Clients Buy From You

4. Outcome You Provide

5. Branding

This happens via a 1:1 session with Renée Hasseldine.


Stage 2 of the program involves actually creating your Signature System. During this stage we:

1. Extract Your Visual Models WITH Renée 1:1

2. Present Your Models to Renée 1:1

3. Renée’s Team Creates Your Models in Your Branding

4. You Test & Use Your Models

5. Renée’s Team Tweaks the Models as Required

Stage 2 is conducted via Zoom or in person (travel expenses

not included).


Stage 3 of the program involves you getting maximum return

on investment through turning your Signature System into

dollars in the bank via:

1. A Secret Facebook Group for Authority Accelerators Only

2. 2 Products Mapped Out with Renée during a 1:1 session

3. Templates for you to create products & content super fast



    Fast-forward your business YEARS ahead in just 3 sessions!

    Attract, Convert and Completely WOW High Quality Clients OVER and OVER Again!

    Join the Authority Accelerator 

    In this program, I hold your hand and guide you through the process to extract your expertise and best thinking and turn it into a suite of infographics that will add weight and credibility to your messaging, help you to communicate better with your clients and give you the building blocks upon which to build your business as you transition towards being Leveraged and Loving It.

    Think of this program as procrastination-busting action. With easy-as-pie steps and a crystal clear structure, you’ll feel completely secure that you’re doing the right things, in the right order. I really make the whole thing a no-brainer.

    This is NOT a program where I pile a tonne of information on top of your overflowing mind. I mean, seriously… you have google. The last thing you need is more information! This program is all about implementation.

    We’re together in the same Zoom room as I take you step-by-step through the process, extracting YOUR expertise and working on YOUR methodology and models.

    You’ll have accountability, motivation to complete, engagement and fun. 

    Here’s what you’ll get:

    Your Signature System 

    Animated slide decks 

    Branded worksheets 

    Video assets 

    2 x products mapped out 

    Crystal clarity ahead




    Are there payment plans available?

    Yes, and you can spread the cost over 12 months to keep your cash flow happy. Your Signature System will be complete and bringing you leads, closing sales and driving streamlined content, essentially paying for itself throughout the year. Simply click the ‘Payment Plan’ button below and  you’re all set! 

    Are the Authority Accelerator sessions only held Online?

    It’s a great chance to get access to this breakthrough experience where instead of labouring for months and trying to work out your models yourself, we’ll pick your brain and create it for you. The whole lot, done & dusted in just 3 stages You’ve probably spent longer than that at conferences and only have a numb bottom and a bag of advertisements to show for it! Authority Accelerator is the exact opposite – we’re here to interactively create an asset that doubles, triples and even quadruples your business results.


    Can you come to me?

    Yes, but travel costs are not included in the cost of the program. Please arrange a time to discuss this with me.

    Can I bring a team member?

    Absolutely! We understand how important it is to have a good team behind you to support and share your vision. You can bring a team member to the Authority Accelerator.

    Should I come to the next Authority Accelerator or wait until I’ve got my ducks sorted?

    Definitely join us as soon as possible. Part of the process is actually making sure your ducks are in a row – in fact, it’s the FIRST thing you’ll go through in a 1:1 with Renee.  Together we’ll make sure you’re operating in your zone of genius, narrow down your ideal client, get clear on why clients buy from you, the outcome you provide, and the branding your Signature System needs to match. During the Authority Accelerator, you also work with Renee to map out TWO of your products. You can expect those naughty ducks to end up performing on demand.

    Is this for me?

    Yes and if you’ve read this far down the page, it’s because you know you NEED Authority Accelerator now, not later. Anyone can procrastinate themselves out of business or do the same things year after year hoping for growth, but for those who are willing to shift into Leveraged & Loving It, this is a true gamechanger. It’s how Rosie brought in an extra $64,000 per year, how Katie-Jeyn got 30 clients into her high-ticket program, and how Jesse DOUBLED his revenue.  Authority Accelerator is the end to struggle and uncertainty, allowing you to streamline your marketing into a conversion machine. Is this level of success for you? YES – and it’s time you claimed it.

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    Meet Renee Hasseldine

    Hi I’m Renée Hasseldine, and I am the founder of Share Your Passion, author of “Share Your Passion”, host of the “Leveraged and Loving It” podcast, co-host of “The Business Playroom” TV show, and regular contributor to Smallville and the Huffington Post.

    I love working with experts, coaches, authors, speakers and thought leaders to create their signature systems and their eco-system of products. I cut through the overwhelm and chaos to extract and chunk what coaches KNOW into something they become KNOWN for.

    I’ve been working with super smart entrepreneurs and thought leaders, developing their courses, programs, products and businesses since 1999, building the foundations for their million dollar plus businesses.

    But it’s about so much more than the money. It’s about expanding the reach of the powerful work you do without compromising your standards. It’s about creating your legacy.

    I know what it takes to extract what it in your head and turn it into something awesome. And I know what it takes to do it efficiently, effectively and enjoyably, so that you have engaged and enthusiastic clients who love your work and think you are an absolute super star. Because you are!


    (let’s get serious for a minute)

    I’m not some flashy Rolex wearing, yacht hopping coach who promises the world and fails to deliver. I stand by my results – which are YOUR results. That being said, I’m really selective about who I choose to work with. Because I don’t want your money (although that part is nice – hey a girl’s gotta eat)… I want you to succeed.

    And unless you’re in a position to get RESULTS through this workshop, I’m not going to take your money. But if you ARE ready… let’s DO THIS!

    This program is for you if you:

    • Have proven results and experience
    • Really know your stuff – you’re awesome at what you do
    • Are fully committed to taking ACTION to get things DONE
    • Will support others at the workshop to succeed and contribute to a #brainstrust environment on the day

    This program is NOT for you if you’re:

    • All about the money and looking for a get rich quick scheme – this is about building solid foundations for your business… it’s work, not a magic bullet.
    • Not committed to keeping up with the fast-paced and intensive nature of the workshop (I don’t want you to get left behind)
    • How shall I say this? If you’re of the opinion that you know best and won’t play nice with others. There, that’s a nice way of putting it (I think)
    • Living in a scarcity mindset.

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