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Renée Hasseldine

Signature Systems Super Star

Renée is the awesome mum of two sensational kids. Her third baby is Share Your Passion. Simply put, she is unequivocally passionate about enabling you to share your own mission in the most effective and productive way.

Renée is a highly evolved, super smart original. While she’s definitely one of a kind, to help you out, think Erin Brokovich (fights for justice), mixed with Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen Master), and throw in just a little Pink (superbly wicked) for good measure.

When it comes to extracting knowledge, skills, and experience out of thought leaders’ heads and turning it into pictures, Renée is a superstar. Her knack for extracting powerful ideas and transforming them into succinct, inspired content is sheer brilliance. This is the core of Share Your Passion, and it is a critical skill for any visionary who is ready to take their message to the world.

Renée is a committed advocate for the environment, the underdog and bullet proof coffee. Her enthusiasm for low budget vampire dramas is a little disturbing.

When you meet Renée, expect her take on things to be a little different and her expression to be unique. Both are authentic and spot on. Oh, and order your own piece of cake….

Renée is the best-selling author of Share Your Passion, co-host of The Business Playroom and host of the Leveraged & Loving It Podcast.



Stevie Schafer

General Manager

Stevie is the person who keeps this business running like a well-oiled machine. She’s responsible for ensuring that quality content consistently makes it out into the world, taking Renée’s core content and repurposing it like nobody’s business. And she keeps Renée on track, which is a very serious undertaking!

Stevie is a woman of many hidden talents. She edits podcasts and videos, writes blogs, articles and newsletters and schedules social media faster than the speed of light. Wonderfully, she can anticipate what someone needs before they even realise they need it themselves. And if you can think it up, Stevie can make it happen. “Hmmm… I think I might start a podcast,” daydreams Renée. And before anyone else has had a chance to tell her “no”, Stevie has gone and made it happen. And oh my goodness can she get a whole lot of stuff done in a fraction of the time a mere human can.

In addition to her super-human feats as a General Manager, Stevie is the servant of two cat overlords and also does the bidding of a toddler. She is fuelled by coffee and yoga and something else that only she has access to. I mean, how else can we explain that crazy level of productivity?

Sol Babas

Social Media and Event Promotion

Sol speaks 5 languages, although you could say she’s had to learn a 6th since dealing with Renee’s colourful expressions! She has a Bachelor of Science, in Accounting, and is a brilliant team player. She also loves the beach and mountain hiking. Nature is her happy place. She also loves to bake and is a fan of romance and sci-fi movies.

Sol is in charge of making sure all the social media and event promotion happens consistently. She’s responsible for making sure we take all the necessary actions to get bums on seats at our events. She gets stuff done and gives the rest of the team the support they need to get on with the work in their zones of genius. Her attention to detail is an essential skill in the team and we couldn’t do it all without her.


Melissa Love

Visual Model Design

Melissa Love is a surprise package. On the one hand she is a crazed St Kilda Saints fan and on the other she is an intuitive reader, healer and artist. She also loves her two fur babies (cats) Jasmine and Marley.

Melissa is in charge of creating the visual models for our Authority Accelerator clients, efficiently and soulfully. Because that’s how she works. When you work with Renee to create your signature system, it will be Melissa’s handy work behind the scenes that turns your sketches into sexy models.


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