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A Signature System is something tangible

Dr. Therese Perdedjian, Chiropractor, completed her Signature System through the Authority Accelerator Program and still loves how tangible it is.


Game Changer: Create Your Signature System Online Course

Kerry Cleopatra, divine feminine coach, shares how the Game Changer course has improved her business income and given her unprecidented clarity.


Game Changer: Create Your Signature System Online Course

Lisa Westgate, trauma coach, explains the power of the Create Your Signature System Online Course. What the process was like and the clarity she’s gained as a result of taking the course. 


The Importance of Intellectual Property Assets

Kirsty Bonner, co-founder of Smart Chicks, explains the value of creating your Intellectual Property Assets and what the process of working with Renée Hasseldine to extract those out of your head and turn them into pictures is like.


IP Assets Can Get You Out of Hustle Mode

Andrew Eggelton, presenting coach, explains how working with Renée Hasseldine to extract the chaos out of his head and turn it into clear, tangible assets has greatly improved his business.

Peter Cook Testimonial

Peter Cook

CEO, Thought Leaders

“Renée has always been one of the most passionate people I know. From her causes, to her clients, and more recently her family, Renée is passion personified. In this book she turns that passion to helping you get your message out into the world, and turning your good ideas into a course that can change lives and make you money.”

Andrew Griffiths Testimonial

Andrew Griffiths

International Bestselling Entrepreneurial Author, Speaker & Commentator

“Clearly Renée is an overachiever in the most wonderful way. She oozes passion. It’s impossible not to get fired up and feel Renée’s energy leaping off the pages. The real value comes from her super smart framework showing a step by step approach to developing a course on a topic that floats your boat.”


Peter Sage Testimonial

Peter Sage

The Millionaires Business School

“One of those rare occasions that blends a very talented Girl with someone who is a great pleasure to work with.”

Dr Jesse Green Testimonial

Dr Jesse Green

Dentist, Best Selling Author & Business Coach

“My coaching career began as many do; trading time for money. Although I had great intellectual property I was struggling to turn that into a tangible product or curriculum. I felt stuck and came very close to quitting.

Then a friend introduced me to Renée. Working through the processes outlined in the book with Renée, I have been able to take my IP and create a curriculum that not only delivers excellent results for my clients but has allowed me to create a high 6 figure business. Renée has helped me create an ecosystem of physical and digital products that serve my market. As we continue to add to the product mix, my expectation is that within 18 months our revenue will double.

This is a book whose time has come. Renée has put together a blueprint to build, quite literally, a million dollar business. Read this book but more importantly, take action on the material presented. It could just be the best investment you ever make.”

Monique Bevan Testimonial

Monique Bevan

Business Owner

“Renée is definitely one of the most efficient, effective and empowering people I have ever worked with in my business of 15 years.  Renée appeared like an Angel to solve all my troubles!  In six weeks she achieved what no other could in three years. When she needed me to make decisions to take the next step and I was lagging behind her schedule, she gently and powerfully gave me the encouragement I needed to get the job done.  She’s an absolute gem.”

Who is Renée Hasseldine?

IP Assets Creation Expert

When it comes to extracting what you know and turning into visual models, Renée is a superstar. Her knack for extracting powerful ideas and transforming them into succinct, inspired content is sheer brilliance. This is the core of Share Your Passion, and it is a critical skill for any visionary who is ready to take their message to the world.

Renée is a contributing writer on:

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