The Business Porn of Infographics


Attract, Convert and Completely WOW High Quality Clients OVER and OVER Again!

What are IP Assets?

Great question! IP stands for Intellectual Property. So when I’m talking about creating your IP Assets, I’m talking about creating your signature system, your unique methodology, your frameworks and models. And of course, turning them into infographics, or what I like to call SEXY MODELS!

I get so excited by these sexy models, I call them business porn!

Check out some of the benefits:


  • Create valuable content efficiently
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Earn instant credibility


  • Clarity and confidence
  • Tangible value
  • Higher conversion rates


  • Create products such as books, courses & slide decks faster than ever
  • Deliver 1:many products with ease
  • You team can easily deliver products on your behalf

Raving Fans:

  • You customers will have the clarity they need
  • Your customers will have a clear roadmap
  • Deliver more consistent proven results


  • Your work will have ripple effects beyond what you could ever achieve when all the expertise is locked in your head

Attract, Convert and Completely WOW High Quality Clients OVER and OVER Again!

Is this for you?

If you’re a high-achiever who loves to make stuff happen and you’re bloody good at what you do, then read on.

Have you ever struggled to answer the “what do you do?” question? It’s not like you can say “I’m a doctor” and people immediately get it. If you don’t have a job title that people can easily understand, it feels like a constant struggle to clearly and succinctly explain what it is that you do.

In fact, you know SO MUCH stuff that when you’re explaining what you do, the value of it gets completely lost as you fumble through your words.

Or when you’re working with clients, you have so much information to share with them, they can get lost in the details and not really know how it all fits together.

And when it comes to the sales conversation, you feel like you have to sell yourself. That it’s all about YOU.

And if you’ll admit it to yourself, you’ll know that you’re just not reaching your full potential, because you just don’t have the core intellectual property assets to back it up.

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15th May 2018


7th May 2018


10th May 2018


23rd May 2018

A picture tells a thousand words.

What you need is a clear model that shows your clients the journey from where they start out, to where they end up. You need a clear methodology that shows your clients the exact process to get them from where they are to where they want to be. And you need some damn sexy infographics that can communicate all this clearly and succinctly.

How cool would it be if you had business models to communicate your message clearly and succinctly in a way that people just get?


Are you ready?

I see you.

You’re ready to stop playing small.

You’re ready to make the impact you were put here to make.

You’re ready to create a unique methodology that you become famous for.


You’re ready to Create & Leverage Your Legacy.

So come along and explore some business porn!

Learn how some sexy models can totally transform your business and ensure you reach your potential as a thought leader.

Half Day Workshop

In this half day workshop, I will demonstrate the power of infographics and visual models.

I will show you exactly how you can extract your expertise and best thinking and turn it into a suite of infographics that will add weight and credibility to your messaging, help you to communicate better with your clients and give you the building blocks upon which to build your business as you transition towards being Leveraged and Loving It.


Upcoming Half Day Workshops


15th May 2018


7th May 2018


10th May 2018


23rd May 2018

"Loved Renee's enthusiasm for our success. If you have some IP to share, you need to attend Renee's workshop."

"Wow! What a great session! Renée has such an awesome presence and enthusiasm which lights up the room. The information she shares is amazing. Highly recommended as a speaker and a coach.”

"Every now and then we get a speaker who creates some fantastic “ah-ha!” moments for everyone, who is engaging and fun, passionate and knowledgeable. – Renée is all of these and more."

"I particularly love that Renée focuses on ‘doing’ and skipping all the unnecessary fluff. I much prefer her structured approach."

Meet Renee Hasseldine

Hi I’m Renée Hasseldine, and I am the founder of Share Your Passion.

I work with coaches, authors, speakers and thought leaders to create their signature systems. I cut through the overwhelm and chaos to extract and chunk what coaches KNOW into something they become KNOWN for.

I’ve been working with super smart entrepreneurs and thought leaders since 2003, building the foundations for their million dollar plus businesses.

But it’s about so much more than the money. It’s about expanding the reach of the powerful work you do without compromising your standards. It’s about creating your legacy.