My ultimate favourite podcast episodes from 3 years of podcasting!

I’m celebrating my podcast’s 3rd birthday. The first episode went live on the 8th of March 2017. We are now in March 2020. 

So, I’ve rounded up my top 7 podcast episodes.

Criteria: the podcast had to be memorable to me for a specific reason. 

With over 150 episodes in the bank, these are the 7 that stood out most: 

#7: John Lee Dumas on How To Host A Killer Podcast

I’ve chosen this episode as one of my top 7 because this was the first time I was ever NERVOUS whilst interviewing a guest. It was a great episode and we have a lot of fun in the short time that we spend together.

If you’re looking at launching your own podcast and want to get some inside tips from John Lee Dumas himself, I highly recommend this episode.

#6: 5 Ways To Avoid Death by Desk And Be A Thriving Business Owner with Nicole Van Hattem

I’ve chosen this episode because Nicole Van Hattem said something in this interview that not only stuck in my mind, but also made me take action.

Nicole is sharing her top 5 tips for avoiding “death by desk” and becoming a thriving business owner.

#5: Pro LinkedIn Tips From Adam Houlahan

I’ve chosen this episode because this was one we got lots of feedback from listeners on. Adam Houlahan really helps us to demystify LinkedIn at a time when we were feeling jaded with Facebook and looking to expand our horizons.

I always thought LinkedIn was a boring platform filled with spammers. But, since implementing his simple approach (which only involves 13 pieces of content a month), I’m already getting so much more traction and interest on LinkedIn than ever before.

#4: Creating Passive Income with Kate Toon

I chose this episode because it was the start of a brand new relationship. This was the first time I’d ever spoken to Kate Toon and she went on to write the forward for my second book.

In this episode, I’m joined by awarding-winning SEO copywriter, Kate Toon to discuss all things “passive” income in her business.

#3: IP Assets and Key Person of Influence with Glen Carlson

This was an easy episode to choose. Glen Carlson is a HUGE fan of Intellectual Property, and so am I. We have an amazing chat about the value of it in business. Enjoy.

IP Assets are absolutely integral to building your business. Whether you want to create more time and freedom for yourself, or grow your business into an empire, developing IP Assets is essential But don’t just take my word for it.

I’m joined by Glen Carlson from Dent Global and Key Person of Influence to share his perspective on IP Assets and your business.

#2: The Meaning of Life and Business with Nigel “Coach Will” Polak

I chose this episode as number 2 because of the beautiful positive feedback we received. It was a risky episode to post, but it totally paid off!

Do you feel like you’re not quite doing what you’re supposed to be doing? I chat to Nigel “Coach Will” Polak about how to be authentic in your life and business and the huge difference that it can make to both spheres.

#1: How to transition from coach to thought leader with Peter Cook

I’ve chosen this episode as my TOP episode out of 3 whole years because even though it was one of the very first episodes I ever recorded, it is probably one of the ones that I have quoted and referred back to more than any other episode.

Have you ever wondered what the heck a “thought leader” is and how do you become one? I chat with Peter Cook, CEO of Thought Leaders. You’ll discover how Peter transitioned from his coaching practice into thought leadership and lessons about leverage he learned along the way.



Happy 3rd birthday to Leveraged & Loving It!

Which of these episodes had you heard already? 


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