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Today I’m going to be sharing with you how your sales can be supercharged when you turn what is in your head into a signature system and use visual models.

I was one of those people that was very comfortable selling other people’s stuff and products. I found that selling as a thing not so hard but when it came to selling myself, selling my own services, I had a bit of an icky sticking point, a limited kind of mindset, and I felt genuinely uncomfortable about it.

What I found was when I created my signature system for myself, even though I’ve been doing it for years with my clients, plumber with a leaky tap anyone? When I actually created my own signature system, suddenly my mindset shifted because I went from feeling like I had to sell myself to oh, I’m selling a proven system, I can do that. Like that’s easy, right? My mindset completely shifted around how I was selling and how I felt about selling, and that made a massive, massive difference for me.

I think part of that came down to when I was talking to people about what it is that I do was that I could demonstrate tangible value to them, and that made it really, really simply for them to say hell yes, I’m in. Right? When I could actually start to demonstrate tangible value, my conversion rates just went nuts, right? Consistently I’m finding over time that my conversion rates are improving as I’m getting better and better at presenting my signature system as well.

I’ve got client who straight off the bat … Like, I had Anna Osherov did her Authority Accelerator in June this year with me and so she came out, presented her signature system for the first time in a five minute presentation, and converted 50% of the room into her half day workshop. Now 50% conversion rate on the first go is pretty phenomenal if you ask me, and it’s clearly only going to get better as she gets better at presenting that pitch, right?

That’s the kind of … If 50% is your starting point when you’ve got a signature system, like life’s going to be pretty good, right? Really super charging your sales with a signature system is just a no brainer. I highly recommend that if you’re in a service based business and you want to take what is in your head and make it tangible so that you can sell it better, it is brilliant.

renee-b&W webRenée Hasseldine works with coaches, experts & thought leaders to turn what is in their brilliant minds into powerful signature systems using visual models. Her knack for extracting and unpacking thoughts and turning them into unique intellectual property is sheer genius.

Renée is the author of the best-selling book ‘Share Your Passion’, she is the host of the ‘Leveraged and Loving It’ podcast and a panel member on The Business Playroom TV.