Product Creation for Coaches and Thought Leaders

Leverage Your Legacy

Are you running your business… or is it running YOU?

You’re not just “good” at what you do. You seriously rock. You’re an ambitious over-achiever who consistently gets powerful results with your one-to-one clients… and that means that you’re in high demand. It’s a quality problem right? Well… yes and no.

Because here’s the thing. There are only so many hours in the day. And when you’re stuck trading time for money you’re bound to max out or burnout… or both! And being madly, exhaustingly BUSY isn’t the lifestyle you dreamed of when you started your business, am I right?

I mean, YES you want to change the world… but you also want a LIFE. And secretly (don’t worry I won’t tell anyone), you’ve kind of lost that loving feeling you once had for your work.

I get it… because I’ve been there (I’ll tell you more on that later). You want to spend time with your family, have the space to do more of what lights you up… and you want to play BIG. Like, really big. And it’s just not going to happen one client at a time (unless you’re planning on living for, oh, say 5000 years).

So what to do?

Enter stage right… your signature course! Ta-daaaa!

It’s the perfect solution, right? Do the work once and sell it to many…. Reach more people than you ever could on the hamster wheel of 1:1 work… You’ve got it all sorted out! Now, how to start creating your mind-blowingly amazing and successful course…


Where on earth do you START? Suddenly you’re faced with a million questions and choices. As you try to figure it out yourself, you start sinking in mental quicksand… every decision opens up a kaleidoscope of new questions and possibilities… and it’s utterly overwhelming.

What’s your topic? What should you include (and leave out)? How do you structure learning so people actually… you know… learn? And then you start thinking about different hosting platforms… Kajabi, Thinkific, Sensei, Clickfunnels, oh what fresh hell is this?

So you procrastinate. Maybe just a little. There’s just so much to think about. And it’s kind of scary (ok, terrifying) – what if you mess it all up? What if you create something nobody actually wants to BUY?

Calm down – I’ve got you.

I’ve been helping coaches build courses and products for 15 years now, and have turned the creation process into a razor sharp methodology that makes the whole damn enchilada easy, fast, and even FUN.

Let me show you how to:

NTurn overwhelm and chaos into structure and action

NGet the balance right and get your freedom back

NBreakthrough that income ceiling and get paid what you’re really worth

NTransition to leveraged income without compromising on results

NExpand the reach and impact of the important work you do

NRediscover your love and passion for your work

NHarness your best thinking and create your legacy

I see you. You’re ready to stop playing small. You’re ready to make the impact you were put here to make. You’re ready to make your business work for YOU (instead of you working for it).

My friend, you’re ready to Innovate.


Leverage Your Legacy

Innovate is my platinum 1:1 mentoring program where I hold your hand and guide you through the 7 Stages of Course Creation.

Think of Innovate as your procrastination-busting roadmap to freedom. With easy-as-pie steps and a crystal clear structure for how to nail every step of course creation, you’ll feel completely secure that you’re doing the right things, in the right order. I really make the whole thing a no-brainer.

Innovate includes video training for each critical stage of the course creation process and step-by-step guidance for each piece of the puzzle, plus LIVE 1:1 mentoring calls where we work through and resolve YOUR stuff and get YOUR course created.

You also get accountability, motivation to complete, engagement, fun and me as your cheerleader who is thrilled to see you succeed!

Here’s a taste at what you’ll do with Innovate

NHarness your genius and get your course DONE (without letting perfectionism stand in your way)

NCreate your signature system and legacy that you will be known for world-wide

NBuild your eco-system of products mapped out to leverage your expertise (giving you more time, more money, more FREEDOM to do whatever the hell you want)

NSave time, energy and money by avoiding thousands of hours down ‘what should I do, and how, and in what order?’ endless rabbit holes of doooom

NWork smarter not harder using a PROVEN step-by-step system that you can use over and over again to build your Empire of Awesome

NFree yourself from information overload and say ADIOS to OVERWHELM

NGet ultimate clarity and confidence to move forward (no more second-guessing or going round in circles)

NBe held accountable to make sure you get it done, and done RIGHT (this is the secret sauce that keeps you motivated when things seem tough and smash all those niggling questions and random roadblocks)

NFINALLY reach more people that NEED what you have to give

This is what Innovate graduates have to say

Andrew Eggelton

Company Name: Andrew Eggelton
Designation: Presenter Coach

I just want to express how excited I am about my work since working with Renee Hasseldine. She is definitely gifted in what she delivers and helps you with. It's such a breath of fresh air when you finally do meet someone who "knows their stuff" and is talented at what they do. I have only had three sessions and somehow I have competed almost 5 months of work overnight. Thanks Renee Hasseldine for your passion and insights, almost being my other brain. I highly recommend this wonderful lady's input in any of your online and off-line programs and development.

Maria Pellicano

Company Name: Harness Your Voice
Designation: Best selling author

“Renée is definitely one of the most efficient, effective and empowering people I have ever worked with in my business of 15 years. Renée appeared like an Angel to solve all my troubles! In six weeks she achieved what no other could in three years. When she needed me to make decisions to take the next step and I was lagging behind her schedule, she gently and powerfully gave me the encouragement I needed to get the job done. She’s an absolute gem.”

Monique Bevan

Designation: Business Owner

“My coaching career began as many do; trading time for money. Although I had great intellectual property I was struggling to turn that into a tangible product or curriculum. I felt stuck and came very close to quitting.
Then a friend introduced me to Renée. Working through the processes outlined in the book with Renée, I have been able to take my IP and create a curriculum that not only delivers excellent results for my clients but has allowed me to create a high 6 figure business. Renée has helped me create an ecosystem of physical and digital products that serve my market. As we continue to add to the product mix, my expectation is that within 18 months our revenue will double.

Dr Jesse Green

Designation: Dentist, Best Selling Author & Business Coach

“I was looking for a way to create our course without falling into all the common traps that I couldn’t even see and to ensure that we stayed accountable to creating a course in our business. We didn’t want to be in the same place, spinning our wheels, one year later! Through the Innovate Program, Renée exceeded my expectations on all levels. She helped us create a course that we are exceedingly proud of and connected to the most authentic version of ourselves and what our business represents. On a practical level her method of drawing out and structuring our materials has opened up many different uses and a flexibility around the value we can provide to clients. The result of working with Renée has been twofold, one we have launched our pilot course and it will be the first of many. The second is her personal style and enthusiasm is an inspiration both to work with and to incorporate into the delivery of our own courses. If you are considering working with Renée, don’t hesitate. Some people come into your life to help you deliver exactly what you are meant to put out into the world and Renée is one of those valuable resources (and lovely people). Thank you Renée.”

Lisa Brincat

Designation: PRINCIPAL,

“Life is so much better creating stuff with others. For weeks, months I had been trying to create course material that reflected who I am and what I stand for. I wanted to create a course that added value to my clients as well as embraced a systemised approach for sharing the knowledge I have in my area of expertise. Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, I questioned if I would ever create such a course, I went searching for an expert. I started asking around, searching for someone who was good at systems and structures, had an aptitude for creating course content and had the technical ability to guide and mentor me to create the Wellness Workshop Series. I needed help getting what was in my head out. And then, I found her! Renée Hasseldine. Renée has a passion for checklists, systems, structure and is mad keen on helping people create courses. Her Innovate VIP Program was an amazing experience. She has created the program in such a way, you are participating along with other professionals with the same goal. This approach creates a mastermind group of people who support and provide feedback as we work as a group to develop and learn. It was admittedly intense and sometimes overwhelming but as we completed each week and the course began to take shape the hard work paid off. If you are looking to create a professional, targeted, modern and branded course to share with your clients then the Innovate VIP Program is for you! Thank you Renée Hasseldine for your enthusiasm, passion and professionalism in assisting me to create my first of 12 wellness courses. You are a legend course creator! It was so much fun and productive, I am going for a second round….I can’t wait, Giddy-up!”

Tara Davidson

Designation: AUTHOR & CREATOR

Innovate is your trusty guide leading you step-by-step through…

The 7 Stages of Course Creation

This is where the action happens. This is where your overwhelm will be reduced to a quivering pile of goop as you discover the EXACT steps to take through the course creation process.

(Say goodbye to confusion, adios to frustration, and sayonara to stagnation!)

Stage 1: Passion & Purpose

Get off on the right foot with solid foundations for creating an irresistible product your audience are RAVENOUS for. You’ll align your passion with their desires and never ask yourself ‘will anybody actually buy this?’ because you’ll KNOW it’s exactly what they want.

Stage 2: Brand

Capture your brand essence and set guidelines that will become the foundation of your branding and business personality. We’ll also lay the essential benchmarks for your customer experience that ensures your clients keep coming back for more.

Stage 3: Package & Plan

Discover how to build a funnel that feeds the whole product eco-system of your business. You’ll outline your ascension model in accordance with your marketing abilities and goals for right now as well as 3, 5, even 10 years in the future.

Stage 4: Blueprint

This is where we get into the really juicy stuff – building your own unique methodology that you will become known for. You’ll map out how you’re going to help your clients overcome their biggest obstacles and challenges, discover the value model for understanding how to tailor your content to maximize their results. This is the stage that gets the most OMGs as Innovators learn just how effective the course creation process can be.

Stage 5: Frame

Here is where you discover how to the learning objectives and outcomes of your programs, decide what content should stay and what should go, and break your whole course into easy-to-digest modules and lessons. It’s where you build so much value into your course that it becomes a keystone product in your portfolio of offers for years to come.

Stage 6: Build

Usually this is the stage people start thinking about FIRST (which is part of the reason they never even START their course). It’s where you’ll discover the most efficient way to build your course materials, how to section and store your content, and yes… which platform to use to deliver your course.

Stage 7: Deliver

You’ve put in the hard yards and built your content. Now you need to deliver it to the world. Whether that’s through Discovery Sessions, Group Programs, Online Courses, Live Workshops, Retreats or Webinars, it’s time to capitalise on the time and effort you have invested. This stage is about shining your brilliance in the best possible light.

At the end of the program you will have:

A freebie that your audience will JUMP into your email list to get


YOUR first course ready to launch!

Meet Renee Hasseldine

Hi I’m Renée Hasseldine, and I am the founder of Share Your Passion and creator of Innovate.

I want you to know, I’ve been where you are now… overworked, tired and, well… a little bit OVER it. When I first started out, in addition to running my business from home, I was also juggling being a mum to two gorgeous kids. I don’t remember having more than 15 minutes to myself in any given day.

Eventually I knew something had to give – I was working TOO DAMN HARD… I knew there had to be a better way. I started leveraging my business with courses and products, and woah did my business really take off! And the best thing about it was that not only was I unshackled from the time and energy needs of 1:1 clients, but I was actually earning MORE for LESS time at ‘work’.

Since then I’ve made it my life’s work to help others do the same. Because I know that you don’t have to put in 60 hour weeks to be successful… all you need is the right leverage.

Nowadays I work with coaches, authors, speakers and thought leaders to create their signature systems and their eco-system of products. I cut through the overwhelm and chaos to extract and chunk what coaches KNOW into something they become KNOWN for.

I’ve been working with super smart entrepreneurs and thought leaders, creating their programs and courses since 2003, building the foundations for their million dollar plusbusinesses.

But it’s about so much more than the money. It’s about expanding the reach of the powerful work you do without compromising your standards. It’s about creating your legacy.

I know what it takes to get a program created and ready for launch. And I know what it takes to do it efficiently, effectively and enjoyably, so that you have engaged and enthusiastic participants who love your work and think you are an absolute super star. Because you are!


(let’s get serious for a minute)

I’m not some flashy Rolex wearing, yacht hopping coach who promises the world and fails to deliver. I stand by my results – which are YOUR results. That being said, I carefully select those I enroll in Innovate. Because I don’t want your money (although that part is nice – hey a girl’s gotta eat)… I want you to succeed.

And unless you’re in a position to get RESULTS through this program, I’m not going to take your money. But if you ARE ready… let’s DO THIS!

This program is for you if you:

NHave proven results and loads of experience working with 1:1 clients

NAre in high demand with a full appointment book (this isn’t your first rodeo)

NReally know your stuff – you’re an expert in your niche

NWant to create your own methodology and reach a larger audience

NAre fully committed to taking ACTION to get things DONE

This program is NOT for you if you’re:

NA newbie (I love your enthusiasm, but get some traction in your biz first, ok?)

NAll about the money and looking for a get rich quick scheme – this is about building the intellectual property that will become the foundation of your business… it’s work, not a magic bullet.

NNot committed to keeping up with the fast-paced and intensive nature of the course (I don’t want you to get left behind)

NHow shall I say this? If you’re of the opinion that you know best and won’t listen to others who have walked this path before you. There, that’s a nice way of putting it (I think)

NA habitual ‘I’ll just skip ahead’ thinker… each part of the 7 Stages of Course Creation MUST be done in order to succeed

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’ve been helping coaches and thought leaders create their own courses and products for 15 years now… so I know that the methodology behind Innovate WORKS. But I do live in the real world where things don’t always go as they should… and I don’t want anybody on board who isn’t fully committed to completing this program.

So here’s the deal. If you have completed the first stage of Innovate and are for some reason unhappy, I will refund your payment less an admin fee of $25. Because we’re both busy professionals who deserve to work with people who are a great fit.

Sounds fair, right?

Register now to get on board!


Here’s a reminder of what you’ll get:


N7 action-packed modules guiding you through the 7 Stages of Course Creation

NVideo training, infographics and worksheets to help you reach every goal

NInclusion in our super-popular ‘Get Stuff Done Day’ LIVE events (or join us virtually if you’re interstate)

N1:1 Mentoring calls to ensure you are producing the highest quality work, occasional gentle butt-kicking, and lots of motivation

NAccountability, support, and insights from me

NYour own course READY TO LAUNCH (finally!


Sounds good? You bet it does!


Have some questions? Let’s Talk

I’m looking forward to speaking with you!