Do you self-sabotage? Want tips on how to escape that? PLUS how buying an asset rather creating one can be totally leveraged.

On Episode 3 of the Spotlight Series, I’m chatting to the fabulous Lorraine Hamilton​ all about how to escape self-sabotage – including the Netflix binges, the endless Facebook scrolling and the course-buying frenzy. Plus, we talk about one massive way that Lorraine uses leverage in her coaching business.

Lorraine Hamilton is the founder of and custodian of the Facebook Group The Coaches Community. She is the creator of  Above The Noise Mentoring Program as well as the owner and lead trainer of the internationally accredited Coach School.

She is also a returning guest trainer for Emmy Award winner Natalie MacNeil’s Conquer Club, as well as the Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat.

She’s been featured in  The Huffington Post, Coaching Life Magazine, Inspired COACH Magazine, Raspberry Magazine,, Her Magazine, as well as a number of podcasts and international telesummits.

Lorraine’s Social Media Links: 

Download the 7 Stages of Course Creation Checklist

If you’re a coach or Thought Leader and want to create your own courses (online courses, webinars, workshops, retreats, etc), I know what a crazy, hours-down-the-rabbit-hole kind of process it can be. Sometimes we bamboozle ourselves with how much we actually know and end up going round and round in circles! Sound familiar?

I’ve been working 1:1 with Thought Leaders for about 15 years streamlining their processes and programs. But there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to work with more than 2 clients at a time. So I’m now offering my step-by-step checklist for the 7 Stages of Course Creation for Thought Leaders.

7 stages of course creation

This system works and is guaranteed to save you time. I use it with my clients and I even use it to develop my own products! Download it for FREE below.

renee-b&W webRenée Hasseldine is the founder of Share Your Passion and believes in loving what you do and doing what you love. She is also the creator of the 7 Stages of Course Creation. If you are ready to leverage your expertise and turn your knowledge into courses and programs, then check out the 7 Stages Checklist.