I’m so excited that you want to be a guest on the Leveraged and Loving It Podcast.

The Leveraged and Loving It podcast has THOUSANDS of downloads and reaches an audience all around the world, but our main listener base is in Australia.

Our audience consists of coaches, thought leaders and experts who are building their businesses.

I’d love to have you on the show, but before applying, please read my HOT TIPS:


Hot tips on being an awesome podcast guest:

  1. When applying to be a guest, please demonstrate that you are familiar with the Leveraged and Loving It Podcast and its audience and focus on adding value to the audience. We recommend listening to a few episodes if you haven’t already.
  2. When you’re filling in the application form to book your interview, DO NOT enter “I will send it to you later” for the information I need to prepare. Because in my experience, you won’t until I chase you.
  3. When providing your bio to be read out by me at the start, please write your bio in 3rd person AND 50-100 words max. I’m NOT going to read out your 250-500 word bio and making ME edit your bio down is not making my life easy.
  4. Remember it is a conversation involving 2 PEOPLE. Please don’t answer questions with long monologues or lectures… pause to breathe and allow for banter and back and forth sharing of ideas!
  5. It’s okay to show up a few minutes before your interview time, to test the link, etc. But please don’t do this more than 10 minutes before your interview time. I batch record my interviews. If you show up 30 minutes early, chances are you’ll show up in the middle of someone else’s interview. And that’s awkward for everyone involved! 
  6. Never ever ever cancel a podcast interview at the last minute. When you cancel less than a week before the interview, you leave the host in a difficult position to fill the slot, because if we don’t, we’re left with a gap in our schedule. So please, be considerate and honour your commitment.

BONUS: Provide the host with some sample questions they can use to get you talking about stuff that will add massive value!

Email renee@shareyourpassion.com.au