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Packaging Your Brilliance

So, you are a thought leader in your field, full of ideas, experience and skills.  You have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that you are passionate about sharing. You know that you want to package it up into your signature coaching program to deliver to your clients, but it’s just not happening. You’ve got so much to do and you have so much knowledge in that wonderful mind of yours, that quite frankly you could talk for days without taking a breath! Where on earth do you start? What you’d really love is for someone to take you through this whole process and make sure you avoid spending thousands of hours (and dollars) down a rabbit hole creating a product that nobody wants! I specialise in working with conscious entrepreneurs to purposely channel their brilliance and package it up in a way that will deliver results for their clients. I’m whole-heartedly excited and about helping you get your work out there so you can make a difference.

In this half day workshop we will cover:

  • Why IP Assets (aka Sexy Models) are a key ingredient to success as a coach or thought leader
  • The 4 main types of IP Assets
  • How to create your own IP Assets
  • How to leverage your IP assets once you have them

In this 2 day intensive, I hold your hand and guide you through the process to extract your expertise and best thinking and turn it into a suite of infographics that will add weight and credibility to your messaging, help you to communicate better with your clients and give you the building blocks upon which to build your business as you transition towards being Leveraged and Loving It.

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