Innovate is a 7 week group program that will guide you through the 7 Stages of Course Creation. With weekly workbooks and dynamic group calls to cover each module, I will lead you through the step-by-step process and answer your questions live.




Are you ready to turn your expertise, wisdom and knowledge into a program or course? Maybe a live workshop or retreat, or an online course, group coaching program or webinar. Whatever it may be, there is a lot to do and if you don’t get it right you’ll waste endless hours and money down the rabbit hole. Of course, the big fear is that you’ll put all your energy and time into it, and nobody will buy it…

If you really want to create products people love, that make a real difference, you need to master these 7 essential steps.

This program is for motivated, passionate folk because I really want to work with people who are serious about refining and launching their expertise to the right audience, the right way. If that’s you, I’m ready to empower you to share your passion and your expertise with the world. Let’s talk.

Innovate is a 7 week group program that will guide you through the 7 Stages of Course Creation and de-mystify how to get it right.

This includes:
  • Weekly group calls to cover the module and answer live Q&A.
  • Weekly workbooks to guide you through the step-by-step process.
  •  *Requirements – you will need to commit approximately 8 hours each week to completing the coursework if you want to succeed and be ready to Share Your Passion. Whether you do a little each day or spend one whole day each week is up to you.


Week 1: Passion & Purpose
Week 2: Package
Week 3: Blueprint
Week 4: Frame
Week 5: Test & Tweak
Week 6: Build
Week 7: Deliver