Are you the world’s best-kept secret?

You have a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience within you. Perhaps you’ve got decades of experience in the corporate arena, and you’re stepping out now as a solo-consultant. Or maybe you’re a brand-new coach, and you’re looking to become the go-to person for a particular niche.

How do you become known as the go-to expert? What are the steps most people go through? And where are you on that journey?

In this blog post, I’m sharing with you the common journey from newbie to go-to expert so you can work out where you are and where you need to go to get to the top:


This is the zone where you’re not clear who you work with or who your ideal client is. Maybe you think you can solve a variety of problems instead of being laser focused on just one. This is the zone of resisting choosing your niche and not choosing your ideal clients.

Usually, people in this zone have zero clients and zero money. (Or very few clients and little money). To get out of chaos mode, you need to get clarity.


When you’re in this zone, you are super clear about:

  • Your ideal client.
  • Their problems.
  • And the solutions you provide.

You know how you get your ideal clients from being stuck in their problem to the solution that they want. Here is when you start to feel hopeful about your business and where it’s going. With clarity comes confidence to push onwards and upwards.


And when you have clarity, typically clients follow. And with those clients, you’ll see that there are some patterns that are emerging. Whereas in the early days the clients coming to you might be all different. You go with the flow and let yourself be led by the client. Early on in chaos mode, you were providing entirely custom designed solutions for every client.

But, when you get clear and start to attract your ideal client consistently, you’ll start to see that actually, your clients are not that unique. You’ll see similarities, and when you take them through from A-Z, you are doing a similar process each time. The patterns are emerging.


And when you’ve got consistency and proven results, you start to get more credibility. People start to notice what it is that you’re doing. And to further accelerate that, I believe you need to take what’s in your head and turn it into intellectual property.

This might be your signature method or process. It might be a series of interlocking principles that you take your clients through. Ideally, when people get to this stage, this is when I recommend they create their 4 key models.


Experts are recognised, stand out and have instant credibility. They have clients lining up to work with them, and they are not the world’s best-kept secret. Experts get to do what that love, get paid to do what they love, and do it with people that they love to work with.

So, that’s the journey from newbie to go-to-expert.

An earlier version of this article appeared on Republished here with permission.